Paul was born in Chicago and began studying classical piano at age eight before taking up percussion at age twelve in 1980.  Paul played his first professional gig at fifteen, and from there, his participation in virtually every style of music expanded to include rock, straight ahead jazz, big band jazz, symphonic, theater, ethnic, funk, and rhythm and blues.

     Paul has been a member of several notable bands on the Chicago circuit, including: Arena ('70's/'80's cover band), Farewell (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer/ Jethro Tull tribute), Deja Groove ('80's/'90's pop group), Battlefield (Pat Benatar tribute), Take 5 (wedding/corporate), and the Stanley Paul Band.  

   Paul's musical heroes include: Chick Corea, Keith Emerson, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Tony Williams, and Buddy Rich.

Name: Paul Bata

Instruments: Drums, percussion

My favorite Chicago songs:

1. Introduction

2. Make Me Smile

3. Call On Me

Other favorite bands and muscians:

1. Kansas

2. Tower of Power

3. Earth, Wind & Fire

4. Rick Wakeman

5. Jimi Hendrix

6. Herbie Hancock