Terry has played keyboards professionally for the last 20 years in a myriad of bands/genres, from jazz, to pop, to classic/progressive rock, to funk/r&b, and has composed many original works in the same genres, which can be heard at www.soundclick.com/solarfugue .

     Terry is also an accomplished saxophonist/flautist, who studied under Bill Sears, Shelley Yoelin, and Jim Massoth, and was the recipient of the 1988 Elmhurst College Jazz Festival's "Best Saxophonist" awarded by judges/jazz greats Clark Terry, Pat LaBarbera, and Ed Soph.

Name: Terry Geraci

Instruments: Keyboards, vocals

My favorite Chicago songs:

1. What’s This World Comin’ To

2. Call On Me

3. Sing A Mean Tune

Other favorite bands and muscians:

1. Chick Corea

2. Herbie Hancock

3. Jeff Lorber

4. Bill Evans