Tom is the band’s banker by day, but in his off hours may be found in various churches, banquet rooms, bars, and parks in and around Chicago, often with his trombone in hand.  As a youngster his fascination was with drums, but in the third grade he picked up the trombone and has never looked back.  He has played with any number of concert and jazz bands, during his school years and beyond.  For many years he’s been a member of wedding and rock bands with the occasional brass ensemble mixed in. 

     As a horn player who grew up in Chicago during the 70’s, bringing you the music of Chicago is tantamount to throwing a block for Walter Payton or playing shortstop next to Ron Santo.  He hopes you enjoy listening to Chicago’s music as much as he enjoys playing it!

Name: Tom Anderson

Instrument: Trombone

My favorite Chicago songs:

1. Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon

2. Feelin’ Stronger Every Day

3. Get Away

Other favorite bands and muscians:

1. Eagles

2. Stevie Wonder

3. Maynard Ferguson