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History of Chicago

In April of 1969, a new rock 'n roll band burst onto the scene garnering nationwide attention.  Born in the midwest and infused with elements of jazz, blues, and latin influences, the first album by "Chicago Transit Authority", or CTA as they were commonly known, went double platinum.  Such hits as Beginnings, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, and Question 67 & 68 propelled the band to popularity.  

With a rock rhythm section led by the brilliant guitarist, Terry Kath, a powerful horn section, and unique vocals, the band now known simply as "Chicago"  released their second album in January of 1970.  Considered by many to be the band's breakout album, Chicago 2 would also go platinum with hits like: Make me Smile; Colour My World; and 25 or 6 to 4.  

Chicago became a dominant force in popular music during the 1970's, producing at least one new album each year.  This period was marked by the release of classic songs like, Free, Saturday in the Park, Dialogue, Just You 'n Me, Feelin' Stronger Every Day, Call On Me, and Old Days, to name a few.  

The untimely death of Terry Kath on January 23, 1978, and the earlier dismissal of long time producer, James William Guercio, marked the end of an era.  Kath's last album with the Band, Chicago 11, was released in September 1977 and also went platinum.  

CTA brings to life the 'Golden Age' of Chicago by meticulously recreating many of the great songs from the first 11 albums.  Enjoy CTA live and experience all of these classic songs!